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I’m a teacher and today two new students signed up at my school - three year old identical twin boys. Their names are Sora and Riku.

That generation is here.

It begins.

Today I attended a 9 month old kid named Haku….

Guess what kind of things his father had on his bag


I just started playing Xillia 2 and… man, I feel bad for the protagonist already

I just traveled on bike under the pouring rain to buy my copy of tales of xillia 2, and it was worth it.

Also I bought finally a LED tv to replace my 11 years old tv. 

And just as I was installing the tv and the game there was an earthquake. I ‘ll take it as if earth was congratulating me for a good shopping day :’D

My two favorite characters of the Tales series

I’m still not over this little story


growing up is watching your younger sibling get taller and taller until they finally surpass you until you’re left a diminished pride and  memories of when you were the supreme sibling


Hi everyone!!! I’m super excited to announce the launch of Companion Croquis Kickstarter!!! I’m collaboratin with JiMi Agency to print a collection book of select pages from my many sketchbooks!!

★★★ Check it out!!!! ★★★

In a few days I will be making a giveaway post of the book!! There will be a couple of winners for the book after its funding ;) Thanks again for all your support up to now! <333

TopatoCo: Occam's Razor Study Aid / Card Game ▷

Someone buy this for me D: 


i lied i made more (for my fav graces characters <3)

literally every artist: please tell me what you liked about my art in the tags please please P L E A S E