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Tales of Friends Vol. 2 Brooch Collection - Luke fon Fabre and Asch


Tales of Friends Vol. 1 & 2 Clear Brooch Collection!

  • Release Date: February and March 2015
  • Price: 500 yen each
  • Size: 60mm
  • Materials: Acrylic, PET, iron
  • Bonus Item: Elle & Victor and Kyle & Judas box bonus brooches available exclusively from the Kotobukiya Direct shop or in store

Day 2

Happy inktober!

http://godsboundbyrules.tumblr.com/post/97860583965/tsorin-i-just-replayed-the-akzeriuth-sequnece ▷


I just replayed the Akzeriuth sequnece and IT MAKES ME SO MAD

  • "He should have discussed it with us first." Yeah, because I totally talk about my plans with people who lie to me and ignore and brush me off oh my god Jade get your head out of your ass for five seconds.
  • "You aren’t…


I’m a teacher and today two new students signed up at my school - three year old identical twin boys. Their names are Sora and Riku.

That generation is here.

It begins.

Today I attended a 9 month old kid named Haku….

Guess what kind of things his father had on his bag


I just started playing Xillia 2 and… man, I feel bad for the protagonist already

I just traveled on bike under the pouring rain to buy my copy of tales of xillia 2, and it was worth it.

Also I bought finally a LED tv to replace my 11 years old tv. 

And just as I was installing the tv and the game there was an earthquake. I ‘ll take it as if earth was congratulating me for a good shopping day :’D

My two favorite characters of the Tales series